Photo Styling, Art Direction & Production Design

Oceana is a Photo-Stylist, Production Designer & Art Director for photo, commercial, and film. She has worked with companies such as Pottery Barn, Best Buy, Sunrun Solar, William Sonoma, West Elm, Gymboree, Smith & Hawkin, Walmart and Old Navy for photo and film, as well as on music videos and films such as North Country and Factotum.

Oceana practices design principles that will transform the set or photo to bring beauty, function, story and balance into the sensory landscape. With her eye for scale, rhythm, balance and color, her work takes on a unique life of its own reflecting the lives, inspirations, and productivity that each design must possess. In her design process she will balance with shape, sculpt with light, and accentuate form with innovation, to create a new image that inspires her clients and their audience.

Holding a BA in Art and Design and a Masters in Ecopsychology, Oceana has a passion for design that reconnects humans to their environment. Her international travels and studies in art history, design and environmental psychology, paired with her experiences in interior design, styling, set design, fine arts, commercial film, makeup and fashion, bring to her work a progressive approach to production, design and events.